Attention Marine Debris Community

Many countries and international organizations have been tackling the marine debris problem for decades, with significant signs of progress.

The Honolulu Strategy: A Global Framework for the Prevention and Management of Marine Debris (Honolulu Strategy) was developed to support and strengthen these efforts and catalyze new efforts around the world. The Honolulu Strategy serves as a template for global efforts addressing the problem of marine debris. This framework is not designed for direct implementation, but as a means to support and connect actions implemented in various geographic contexts and at different levels of governance. The Honolulu Strategy is a globally applicable tool that serves two main purposes:


• To describe and catalyze the multi-pronged and holistic response required to solve the problem of marine debris

• To guide monitoring and evaluation of global progress on specific strategies at different levels of implementation—including local, national, regional, and international efforts and achievements


·         Obtain an electronic version of the latest version of The Honolulu Strategy

·         Submit your comments on the draft document via an online reporting form