Workshop Announcement

The Office for the London Convention and Protocol is currently organizing a Regional Workshop on the London Protocol (LP) in the Wider Caribbean Region in close collaboration with the UNEP Caribbean Environment Programme (CEP) Secretariat of the Cartagena Convention.
The implementation of the LP Workshop would form an integral part of the Fifth Meeting of the Interim Scientific, Technical Advisory Committee (ISTAC) to the Protocol Concerning Pollution from Land-based Sources and Activities (LBS) in the Wider Caribbean being hosted by UNEP-CEP in Panama City, Panama from 24 to 29 May, 2010. 


The primary objective of the LP Workshop is to improve institutional, policy and regulatory frameworks for the management of ocean dumping in the Wider Caribbean. It is aimed at senior Government administrators responsible for the prevention and control of pollution from dumping of wastes at sea.  Participants to the Workshop will: 

      1. benefit from an increase in awareness and understanding of the London Protocol and its relationship to other relevant international agreements for the protection of the marine environment; 

      2. understand key aspects of the LP, including the legal, technical and administrative requirements and implications of accession to it; 

      3. review the benefits and implications of LP membership; and 

      4. identify the needs for further cooperation on the LP and other issues, as appropriate. 

The Workshop is being organized as part of the efforts by Contracting Parties and the Office for the London Convention and Protocol to raise awareness and increase capability to protect the marine environment in case any wastes are considered for dumping at sea.