#WorldWildlifeDay: Let us celebrate the power of youth voices!

Take a Stand and Join the Fight Against Illegal Trade in Wildlife

The illegal trade in wildlife is lining the pockets of criminal networks with an estimated $23 billion annually: putting the trade in the same league as the trafficking of drugs, arms and humans. From pangolin scales to hornbill casques to rhino horn, elephant ivory and live animals like apes and parrots, there are endless examples of purchasing decisions that are driving species toward extinction.

In the Wider Caribbean Region, crocodiles, conch, corals, parrots and turtles are some of the animals targeted in trade.  Our work to protect wildlife is done through our Marine Biodiversity or SPAW Protocol.

Let’s put a stop to this.

This 3 March, on #WorldWildlifeDay, join the #WildforLife campaign and help educate and motivate ordinary citizens to make choices that do not harm endangered species.

How can you be a part of #WorldWildlifeDay?

TELL your friends about the plight of endangered species in order to increase awareness and interest for these important and fascinating creatures!

ENCOURAGE your children and families to make a difference. Discover how in our comic, available in five languages here:

JOIN celebrities and give your name to one of the species by visiting the #WildforLife website and by creating your #WildforLife morph photo at:

VIEW our celebrity morph videos and more at:

SHARE the #WildforLife photo you have created on your social media accounts and use the hashtags #WildforLife and #WorldWildlifeDay.

GO #WildforLife and support #WorldWildlifeDay on social media and tag UN Environment so we can share your post. You can find images and messages here:

PLEDGE to never consume or buy a product made from endangered species. You can do this on the #WildforLife website!

LEARN MORE about our campaign to end illegal trade in wildlife by visiting the #WildforLife website at:

Stand with us to help end this terrible criminal trade that is pushing species to the brink of extinction.

Take a Stand and Join the Fight Against Illegal Trade in Wildlife

The Wild for Caribbean Fact sheet is available at http://cep.unep.org/cep-documents/get_wild_for_the_caribbean_fact_sheet.pdf