International Marine Litter Workshop calls for greater collaboration between Regional Seas and G7 countries

Ms Lorna Inniss, Coordinator for UN Environment Caribbean Environment Programme, is attending a two day G7 Marine Litter Workshop opening Thursday April 29th in Rome, Italy. 

This workshop seeks to improve cooperation among Regional Seas Programmes, Fisheries Organizations, the Global Partnership for Marine Litter, and the G7 countries.  Such cooperation will ensure that the Marine Litter Action Plan, agreed by the G7 during their 2015 meeting, is more broadly implemented and has a greater impact regionally.

Regional Seas Programmes such as the Caribbean Environment Programme and Secretariat to the Cartagena Convention will partner with the G7 Countries to support the implementation of our Regional Action Plan for Marine Litter Management in the Caribbean.  The goals of our Action Plan are fully consistent with the goals of the G7 Marine Litter Action Plan.

Tiber River, Rome - Photo Credit: Photobank

Two of the G7 countries, the United States and France are Contracting Parties to the Cartagena Convention and actively involved in supporting Marine Litter projects and activities in the Wider Caribbean region.  They will play a key leadership role in ensuring coordination at regional and global levels in the implementation of our work plan for 2017-2018 where marine litter is a major area of focus.

This workshop also offers an opportunity to mobilize support for our overseas Territories of European Countries where marine litter and solid waste is a high pollution priority. 
The Secretariat will continue to work with the European Commission and other partners to provide greater technical support to countries as they respond to this growing challenge in our region.

For more information about the work of UN Environment and Marine Litter, please see here.  Our Regional Action Plan for Marine Litter can be downloaded here as one of our Technical Reports.