International Day for Biological Diversity is May 22!

The theme for this year is Biodiversity for Sustainable Development. Click to learn more about the importance of biodiversity for sustainable development and human well-being.

2015 International Day for Biological Diversity

Did you know?

  • Clean and secure supplies of water depend on biodiversity. Ecosystems function as natural water infrastructure, costing less than technological solutions. Forests protect water supplies, wetlands regulate floods, and healthy soils increase water and nutrient availability for crops and help reduce off-farm impacts.
  • Biodiversity plays a major role in mitigating climate change by contributing to long-term sequestration of carbon in a number of biomes. Biodiversity also underpins ecosystem resilience and plays a critical role as part of disaster risk reduction and peace-building strategies. Forests, wetlands and mangroves play a critical role in reducing the impacts of extreme events such as droughts, floods and tsunamis.

Click here to learn more about how biodiversity supports development.

Information courtesy of the Convention for Biological Diversity.