Improving Wastewater Management in the Caribbean: Financial Burden or Economic Opportunity?

Intelligent reuse of wastewater conference - Curaçao, November 18-19, 2016

Throughout the Caribbean, wastewater treatment is viewed as a lower priority to drinking water treatment, as evidenced by the level of investments in these sectors. Polluted beaches and waters and declining coral reef quality keep tourists away, resulting in a loss of income for Caribbean nations.

Although financing for wastewater infrastructure is available, countries often lack the organizational capacity to take advantage of opportunities or are excluded based on legal and institutional prerequisites required.

Wastewater recycling can ease water shortages and protect the health of our community, and protect marine life, fisheries and our tourism economy. On many Caribbean islands wastewater is regarded as an undervalued and underexploited source of water, while if managed adequately it can actually be of benefit to a country and its population, nature and agriculture. Taking responsibility for wastewater is the sustainable way to go. During this conference you will learn about the current risks (e.g. declining sea water quality), the condition of public sewerage and wastewater treatment systems, standalone systems (residential, hotels), recycled water for agricultural use and future regulations for businesses and industry.

The Government of Curaçao and the Curaçao Business Council for Sustainable Development, with support of Fundashon TAS, the Faculty of Engineering (UoC) and CaribDA are working together in this conference to promote healthy oceans and a cleaner and greener island.

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