Fourth Technical Meeting for our Pollution Protocol (4th LBS STAC)

Contracting parties meet to discuss the status of the Pollution from Land-based Sources and Activities (LBS) Protocol

Forty-one participants from contracting parties and partner agencies are now present at the Fourth Technical Meeting for our Pollution Protocol (4th LBS STAC) in Panama where the status and workplan of the Protocol Concerning Pollution from Land-based Sources and Activities (LBS Protocol) will be reviewed and discussed.

The overall goal of the Pollution Sub-Programme is to prevent, reduce, and control pollution of the coastal and marine environment from land and marine-based sources thereby enabling countries of the Wider Caribbean Region to meet their obligations under the LBS Protocol.

This Protocol is the most significant agreement of its kind. It includes regional effluent limitations for domestic wastewater (sewage) and requires the development of plans to address agricultural non-point sources of pollution. Specific schedules for implementation are also included in the Protocol. The LBS Protocol allows countries to develop and adopt future annexes to address other priority sources of land-based pollution.

Projects and activities are designed to meet the objectives of the LBS Protocol, support its continued development, and assist countries in overcoming barriers to ratification, accession and implementation. 

UN Environment CEP will deliver its work under the Pollution sub-programme in the following thematic areas:
a. Monitoring and Assessment;
b. Waste Management;
c. Watershed Management; and
d. National Programmes of Action for Pollution Prevention.

The Technical Pollution meeting commenced on the July 16, 2018 in Panama City, Panama and will end on July 20, 2018.

To access the meeting documents please click here.