Eighth Technical Meeting for our Biodiversity Protocol (#SPAWSTAC8)

Panama City, Panama | 5 - 7 December, 2018

The Eighth Meeting of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) to the Protocol Concerning Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife (SPAW) in the Wider Caribbean Region will be held in Panama on 5 -7 December, 2018.  This meeting proposes to review the achievements of the SPAW sub-programme during 2017- 2018 and to develop the workplan of SPAW for the 2019-2020 biennium. 

Additionally there will be 2 workshops on development of the “State of the Marine Ecosystems and shared Living Marine Resource in the CLME+” report (3 - 4 December), and a special session on achievements under the SPAW Ecosystem Based Management (EBM) project (5 December 2018).

The objectives of the meeting are:-

  • Evaluate the projects and activities implemented by the Secretariat and the SPAW Regional Activity Centre (RAC) within the Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife (SPAW) sub-programme during the period 2017-2018;
  • Review the progress made in the implementation of the Recommendations of the Seventh STAC Meeting (STAC7);
  • Review the status of ratification and/or implementation of the SPAW Protocol in member countries and provide recommendations

For meeting documents please visit the 8th SPAW STAC meeting page