Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife (SPAW)

Information material

  • SPAW Workplan 08/09
  • SPAW Brochure
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Marine & Coastal Issues

SPAW Objectives

  • To significantly increase the number and improve the management of national protected areas and species in the region, including the development of biosphere reserves, where appropriate.
  • To develop a strong regional capability for the co-ordination of information exchange, training and technical assistance in support of national biodiversity conservation efforts.
  • To coordinate activities with the Secretariats of the Conventions on Biological Diversity, as well as other biodiversity-related treaties, such as the CITES, Ramsar, Bonn and Western Hemisphere Conventions.
  • To assist the Governments of the region upon their request, in the implementation of better practices regarding the establishment and management of protected areas, protected species, fragile ecosystems and sustainable coastal and marine tourism.

SPAW Thematic Areas

  1. Species Conservation
  2. Protected Areas
  3. Sustainable Tourism
  4. Marine Ecosystem


Major activities of the SPAW Sub-Programme include:

  • Strengthening of protected areas in the Wider Caribbean
  • Conservation of threatened and endangered species
  • Development of guidelines for the implementation of the SPAW Protocol
  • Conservation and sustainable use of coastal and marine ecosystems
  • Sustainable tourism.


For more information on the SPAW Programme, see the SPAW Fact Sheet.

SPAW Protocol Documents

  • SPAW Protocol (text only)

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  • Final Act, Resolutions 1990

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  • Final Act, Resolution, Appendix and Species Annexes I, II, III 1991

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  • SPAW Factsheet

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  • SPAW Brochure

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  • SPAW Benefits Sheet

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  • Guildines for Marine Mammal Watching in the WCR
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  • Ratification Map

      Ratification Map