Communication, Education, Training and Awareness (CETA)

Improving environmental management depends on increasing public awareness and involvement, and on the availability of skills to respond to environmental challenges.


The objectives of our communications programme are to:

  • Improve educational systems to promote positive attitudinal and behavioural changes on environmental management;
  • Develop and implement training programmes for the management of coastal and marine resources;
  • Support public awareness efforts by the media, private sector, community-based, and non-governmental organizations to demonstrate the value of marine and coastal resources;
  • Increase access to data and information on coastal and marine resource management through strengthening of CEP websites, networks and databases; and
  • Disseminate information resulting from the implementation of our projects and activities.

Our main areas of focus are (1) Education and Awareness and (2) Training.  This is supported by our presence on Social Media and the development of several promotional and outreach products.

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Thematic Areas

  • Education and Awareness 
    CETA supports our Pollution (AMEP) and Marine Biodiversity (SPAW) sub-programmes in the design, maintenance and dissemination of information.   
  • Training 
    CETA assists our Pollution and Marine Biodiversity sub-programmes to develop and implement technical training programmes and capacity building exercises at national and regional levels. 

Social Media

We encourage you to visit our FacebookTwitter, and Youtube to get the most up to date information on environmental news in the region and internationally. 

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