Communication, Education, Training and Awareness (CETA)

The need for enhanced communication, education, training and awareness on environmental issues has been highlighted by Governments of the Wider Caribbean Region. Effective environmental management depends on a high level of public awareness and involvement, and on the availability of appropriate skills to respond to problems and issues in a timely and efficient manner.


Transform and improve educational systems to promote positive attitudinal and behavioural changes relating to environmental management;

Develop and implement national and regional technical and managerial training programmes for persons responsible for the use and management of coastal and marine resources;

Support public awareness efforts by the media, private sector, community-based, and non-governmental organizations to demonstrate the value of marine and coastal resources to specific sectors and national development;

Increase access to data and information on coastal and marine resource management through strengthening of CEP websites, networking mechanisms and database development;

Disseminate information resulting from the implementation of projects and activities by UNEP CEP and their partners; and

Assist the regional subprogrammes of CEP in matters related to communication, education, training & awareness and information management.

Thematic Areas

Communication and Awareness 

The CETA sub-programme supports the AMEP and SPAW Sub-programmes for the design, maintenance and dissemination of the information they require or generate, through the existing tools of the CEP or by developing new instruments such as databases, clearing houses, forums, etc. It also promotes the work of CEP and assists in raising awareness on marine related environmental issues affecting the Wider Caribbean Region. CETA participates in numerous outreach activities, organises national and regional competitions and partners with other agencies in raising awareness on the need to protect coastal and marine resources.  CETA manages the CEP website, social media pages and other related project and RAC sites. 


The CEP supports the implementation of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development and promotes the improved understanding of the value and importance of marine and coastal resources through various educational activities. 


The CETA sub-programme assists the SPAW and AMEP sub-programmes with the development and implementation of specific technical training programmes and capacity building exercises at national and regional levels.


Work Plan & Budget 2014-2015


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