Communication, Education, Training and Awareness is of great concern to the governments of the Wider Caribbean Region. Effective environmental management depends on a high level of public awareness and involvement, and on the availability of appropriate skills to respond to problems and issues in a timely and efficient manner.
Communication, Education, Training and Awareness (CETA)
Improving environmental management depends on increasing public awareness and involvement, and on the availability of skills to respond to environmental challenges.
Education & Awareness
The Communications (CETA) programme supports our pollution (AMEP) and marine biodiversity (SPAW) programmes in the design, maintenance and dissemination of information. It also promotes the work of the Caribbean Environment Programme and manages our websites and social media.
The CEP supports the implementation of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development and promotes the improved understanding of the value and importance of marine and coastal resources through various educational activities.
CETA supports the development and implementation of training programmes at national and regional levels.
The CETA Sub-programme assists the SPAW and AMEP Sub-programmes in raising awareness on marine related environmental issues affecting the Wider Caribbean Region. CETA participates in numerous outreach activities, organises national and regional competitions and partners with other agencies in raising awareness on the need to protect coastal and marine resources.
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