National Programmes of Action

The development of National Programmes of Action (NPAs) are being used to assist countries of the region to respond in a more integrated manner to the increasing threats to the marine environment from land based activities and sources of pollution.

NPAs support the goals of the Global Programme of Action (GPA) which provides practical guidance to regional and national authorities to address marine degradation from land-based activities. The objectives of an NPA are to:

  • Implement a long-term iterative process that feeds into national development plans and priorities;
  • Improve the effectiveness of existing action plans;
  • Mobilize political and financial support for the long-term programme and to demonstrate that land-based activities can be addressed using alternative, realistic and country-driven approaches; and,
  • Raise awareness and understanding of the value, benefits and vulnerability of strategic coastal and marine environments.

UNEP CEP continues to work with countries to develop and finalize NPAs taking into account country specific considerations. UNEP CEP has supported the development of NPAs in Barbados, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago, Belize, Mexico, Suriname and the Dominican Republic.

To view their respective reports, kindly click on the links below.

  • Barbados
  • Belize: NPA
  • Dominican Republic
  • Jamaica: NPA
  • Mexico
  • Saint Lucia: NPA (Appendices: 1-9, 10 and 11-13)
  • Suriname
  • Trinidad and Tobago 

In July 2008, a regional workshop was convened to discuss strategies and mechanisms to mainstream NPAs into national plans and programmes.