Watershed Management

Improving Watershed Management will protect the coastal and marine environment from the impacts of non-point sources of marine pollution.  This need is highlighted in ANNEX IV & ARTICLE V of the LBS Protocol.


GEF Projects implemented by UNEP CEP have supported watershed management activities.

During the 2014-2015 work plan, efforts will be made to support the Global Partnership for Nutrients Management, develop a follow up proposal to GEF REPCar and to continue to promore integrated watershed and coastal zone management for Caribbean SIDS through a follow up project to IWCAM  entitled IWEco.  For more information on these GEF Projects, please see below.

Related Projects:

  • GEF IWEco (under consideration by GEF)
  • GEF-IWCAM (closed)
  • GEF REPCar (closed)