The Marine Litter Project (completed)

The objective of this project was to assist in the environmental protection and sustainable development of the Wider Caribbean region through the implementation of the “Regional Action Plan on the Sustainable Management of Marine Litter in the Wider Caribbean” (RAPMaLi).

Activities carried out within the development of the RAPMaLi are based on a two-levels approach:

  • Regional activities (including the development and implementation of the Regional Action Plan)
  • Pilot projects recently concluded in Barbados, Guyana and Saint Lucia: Summary Report 

Documents produced under this project are:

Related information: 

The 2006 International Coastal Clean-up Activity, a component of the Marine Litter Project, was carried out in September 2006.

For marine litter information collected over the past 10 years, click on the relevant country.

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Belize British Virgin Islands   Colombia
Costa Rica Cuba Dominica
Dominican Republic   Grenada Guadeloupe
Guatemala Guyana Haiti
Honduras Jamaica Martinique
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