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LBS/RAC-Cimab offers the following services, for which it has more than 25 years of experience:

Quality of coastal and marine ecosystems:


  • Evaluation of marine water and sediment quality (
  • including chemical indicators, toxic organic and inorganic matter, hydrocarbons, oils and greases, pesticides, heavy metals)
  • Biological studies to determine quantitative and qualitative concentrations of phytoplankton and chlorophyll-a
  • Sanitary studies of water and sediments (Total and faecal coliforms, faecal streptococcus and Clostridium perfringes).
  • Geo-chemical compositions of sediments (total organic matter, total organic carbon, total organic nitrogen, total phosphorous, granulometric studies)
  • Ecotoxicology tests to study the impacts of effluents on the environment
  • Studies of bio-accumulation of organic and inorganic toxic matter in marine species
  • T-90 tests for the design of marine outfall

Management and treatment of wastes


  • Characterization of domestic and industrial waste
  • Identification and characterization of oil spills from ships and coastal industries
  • Management of land-based sources of marine pollution (including industrial discharges in coastal zones, management of waste generated in ports and urban development)
  • Management of hazardous waste

Environmental management


  • Audits in the industrial sector.
  • Environmental Permits for industrial construction and restoration
  • Environmental Impacts Assessments (EIAs)

Development of ports


  • Management of maritime and port waste
  • Structural inspections of ports (including the verification of actual state of facilities and projects related to restoration and/or reconstruction)
  • Studies of feasibility of the infrastructure for tourism development and port facilities: breakwater, piers, buildings.
  • Planning and development of ports
  • Contingency plans for oil spills

Management of beaches and coastal zones


  • Studies for the regeneration of beaches and coastal zones
  • Design of artificial beaches based on dynamics of sediments and marine environment
  • Projects for the management of beach erosion
  • Dredging projects in coastal zones
  • Hydrographical studies by means of changing bathymetries at different scales
  • Oceanographic studies (currents, tides, winds, waves, storms)
  • Coastal protection from waves and storm surges
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