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Projects and Activities


Promotion of the LBS Protocol

LBS/RAC-Cimab has organized and/or participated in National Workshops for the Ratification and Promotion of the LBS Protocol in the following countries:

  1. Cuba: July 2005
  2. Nicaragua: March 2006
  3. Panama: September 2006.
  4. Haiti: May 2007
  5. Dominican Republic: August 2007
  6. Santa Lucia (for the English speaking countries): July 2006

The “Know-Why Network”project

[To enhance the capacity of the countries of the Wider Caribbean Region to implement the LBS Protocol and collaboration between institutions (LBS/RAC-Cimab, LBS/RAC-IMA and Invemar) to establish a regional network in marine science and technology]

  • LBS/RAC-Cimab participated at the first Project Steering Committee Meeting (December 2005) and with the elaboration of the workplan an budget of the Project
  • LBS/RAC-Cimab organized and hosted in April 2006 the “Regional Workshop on Coastal and Marine Water Quality Indicators and Methodologies to determine Pollutant Loads in the Wider Caribbean”
  • Enhancement of the water quality laboratory at Cimab through the acquisition of new equipment.

Use and application of Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

  • Project “Capacity Building in GIs at LBS/RAC-Cimab” (January 2006 – September 2007)

    • Setup of a GIS lab with all technical facilities
    • Training in GIS and data capture
    • National Workshop “Application of GIS for the environment: experiences and local cooperation”
    • Case study “: Sources of Pollution in the Havana Bay Basin, implementation of a GIS”
  • Two LBS/RAC-Cimab staff participated at the “Region Workshop on Strategic Approaches to Application of GIS tools in Support of Planning for Watershed and Coastal Areas Management” of the IWCAM project (, Dominica, 6-7 July 2007
  • LBS/RAC-Cimab organised and hosted the Regional Meeting on “Development of an Information Strategy for the Management of Data and Information Generated under the AMEP sub-programme and CEP “Havana, Cuba, 11 and 12 of October 2007.

Update of CEP Technical Report No. 33

[Regional Overview of Land-based Sources of Pollution in the Wider Caribbean region]

  • Methodologies to use were discussed and approved (Venezuela, March 2005)
  • Regional course on Methodologies to Determine Pollutant Loads to the Pacific, September 2006
  • Communication with the National and Technical Focal Points established to ask information
  • Data and information was collected during National Promotional Workshops for the LBS Protocol
  • Draft report to be finished by second half of 2008

Participation of LBS/RAC-Cimab at other workshops and events:

  • National Workshop on the Management of Sludge and Residual Wastewaters, Guyana, March 2006.
  • Workshop for the Planning of Regional Projects, Cuba, April 2006. IAEA
  • Workshop to propose the project “Safe Foods” in Latin America, June 2006. Austria. IAEA & FAO
  • Workshop on Regional Recreational Water Quality in the OECS, St. Lucia, July 2006
  • Regional course on Methodologies to Determine Pollutant Loads to the Pacific, Costa Rica. September 2006. OPS-CEPIS, COCATRAN
  • Regional Strategy for Latin America and the Caribbean. Bolivia, March 2007. IAEA
  • Regional Workshop “Methodologies, References and Proceedings used for the Project RLA-7012” Venezuela, May 2007. IAEA
  • Regional course on the application of nuclear techniques for the management of coastal zones in the wider Caribbean Region (project RLA-7012, Cuba, September 2007. IAEA.
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