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LBS/RAC-Cimab executes its work in three main areas: studies of marine pollution, coastal management and engineering and industrial ecology, although some projects are multidisciplinary and specialist from the different divisions listed below work as a team.

Division for Contamination Studies


Works primarily with the determination of environmental quality in water, sediment and organisms. Cimab owns a Laboratory Facility certified with the NC ISO 17025 standard.



Head of Division: Jesús Beltrán González



Division for Coastal Management and Engineering


This division executes studies in oceanography and hydrology, engineering projects such as for coastal protection, beach regeneration and dredging, and other technical investigations to determine structural status.

The specialists perform bathymetric studies at selected scales as well as structural inspections of maritime infrastructures. This activity is homologated by a National Certifying Body (Cuban Ships Register) which is a member of the International Association of the Bodies of Technical Supervision and Classification of Ships.


Head of Division: Lic. René García Galocha




Division for Industrial Ecology,


Executes Environmental Impacts Assessments (EIA), environmental audits and the implementation of environmental management systems for the industrial sector. Also performs characterization of urban and industrial wastes (liquid and solid) and executes projects in waste management.


Head of Division: Lic. Félix Palacios, MSc.


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