How to ratify our Convention and Protocols?

Any State in the Wider Caribbean Region that wishes to join the Cartagena Convention and/or any of its Protocols so may by ratification or accession.

Instruments of ratification or accession to the Convention shall be deposited with the Government of the Republic of Colombia, which function as Depositary for the Cartagena Convention.

To ratify or accede, a Government's Ministry of Foreign Affairs must obtain a certified copy of the Cartagena Convention and the Protocol that they wish to ratify/accede to. 

Contact Information for Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Colombia.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Division of International Co-operation
Calle 10 No.35-52
Palacio de San Carlos
Bogota, Colombia
Telephone: (571) 566-7077
Telefax: (571) 562-5903/341 6777

For current information on Parties to the Cartagena Convention and its Protocols please see this table.