Process of Ratification

Any State in the Wider Caribbean Region that wishes to join the Cartagena Convention so may by ratification or accession. Instruments of ratification or accession to the Convention shall be deposited with the Government of the Republic of Colombia, which function as Depositary for the Cartagena Convention.

To ratify or accede, a Government's Ministry of Foreign Affairs must obtain a certified copy of the Cartagena Convention and the Protocol that they wish to ratify/accede to.  (please insert accurate text for Cartagena Convention.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Division of International Co-operation

Calle 10 No.35-52

Palacio de San Carlos

Bogota, Colombia

Telephone: (571) 566-7077

Telefax: (571) 562-5903/341 6777

For current information on Parties to the Cartagena Convention and its Protocols please see this table.



How Does Ratification of the Cartagena Convention Benefit Governments

  • Provide direct assistance for the management of coastal and marine resources.
  • Demonstrate to all stakeholders, donors and the international community the country's commitment and dedication to reducing land-based sources of pollution.
  • Provide opportunities for partnerships and coordination on technical assistance, research, education and capacity building.
  • Build linkages with global and regional environmental agreements applicable to the region and offer guidance for their implementation.
  • Access funding from donors, CEP projects and other relevant initiatives.
  • Offer technical assistance through the Regional Activity Centres and the Regional Activity Network.