Call for Project Concepts

Integrating Water, Land and Ecosystems Management in Caribbean Small Island Developing States (IWEco) Projects

IWEco builds on the work of the GEF-IWCAM Project, and has a long-term goal of enhancing the sustainable contribution of ecosystem services to ensure a sustainable socio-economic development in the Caribbean. IWEco will apply a Ridge to Reef approach – integrating watershed and coastal areas management – to address the multiple challenges of sustainable water, land (including forests) and biodiversity management and conservation within the watershed unit. The project is consistent with GEF Focal Area Strategies, with each focal area actions complementing one another to promote interactive and innovative approaches to natural resource management.

The project aims at promoting conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and restoration of critical ecosystem services through targeted activities undertaken in the Negril Great Morass. It is designed to have a multiplier effect throughout the larger community by (1) leveraging project resources to improve the heterogeneity of biodiversity and habitats and (2) improving access to biodiversity goods and services.


Priority issues and activities include:-

  1. Spatial distribution of water resources relative to demand;
  2. Localized water scarcity and acute degradation of surface and ground water due to pollution;
  3. Land degradation due to domestic and industrial pollution;
  4. Improper disposal of waste;
  5. Forest destruction and fragmentation for agriculture;
  6. Development outside protected areas, and land based pollution.


Criteria for Selection

  • Limited Funding is available to legally registered NGOs and CBOs for community-based initiatives.
  • Projects with tangible co-financing will be of priority.
  • Projects should demonstrate collaborations and partnerships with other agencies, as well as broad community participation.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage project processes.
  • Projects should be aligned to National Policies/Priorities (i.e. Vision 2030 Jamaica)  and the UN Conventions (CBD, UNFCCC, UNCCD, UNCLOS, SPAW) to which Jamaica is a signatory
  • Projects should have cross-cutting results in wildlife biodiversity and wetland ecosystems.
  • Consideration will not be given to concepts submitted not using the template


Please submit Projects concepts for IWEco Jamaica to the following address:

The GEF Small Grants Programme
United Nations Development Building
1-3 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston 5

For further information please contact the Secretariat at 978-2390-9 ext. 2030/2038

Friday, July 28, 2017 @ 4:00 p.m.